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Aside from other internal body changes, the exterior is also undergoing a changes and there are many changes within the teeth, mouth and gums.Along with these changes comes tooth loss and more oral problems.Before, every person carries a same set of teeth. Today, different teeth possible have different sizes, shapes, colours, sizes and forms. This is why you will find numerous differences in the teeth along with jaw and gums. Oral Health  Oral Health  Oral Health 

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Along with these changes, some people are experiencing tooth loss due to different reasons. This can lead to another problem – misaligned teeth.Misaligned teeth will create a person’s smile crooked or misaligned. In this case, the teeth will require dental work in order to be realigned to their proper positions.


Along with these problems are some that are more cosmetic in nature. By this term, oral problems are not really about improving the functionality of the teeth, but rather, it is more about improving the appearance.


One of the most popular oral problems that many people experience are sensitive teeth.It is common for sensitive teeth to be linked to a person’s life style, stress and drinking habits. As such, it is important to understand how to reduce the teeth sensitivity.


The best way to reduce the teeth sensitivity is to avoid eating and drinking certain food and beverages such as ice cream, tea, coffee and carbonated drinks that contain ingredients that will create teeth sensitivity.


Flossing is a great way to remove those food particles that’s causing the trouble. Always be sure to floss in between every tooth.


Another tip is to brush with a sensitive toothpaste. There are several toothpastes that are specially formulated for sensitive teeth. These toothpastes are often available at department stores and pharmacies.


By applying a warm compress on your cheeks, directly above your teeth, can help relieve the pain. This region is directly under the tooth’s surface and is difficult to reach by toothbrush.


Although the tooth ache can be relieved by using some herbs, it is still crucial that you find its cause and treat that particular problem. Below are some of the possible causes of tooth ache:


1. Tooth decay – It is the most frequent reason for a person’s tooth ache. By visiting your dentist, he can examine your teeth and culprits. He can then decide whether you need fillings or more serious action.


2. Gum disease – Gum disease is a problem that primarily affects young people. But it is not just limited to adolescents and adults who are ageing.


3. Tooth crack – Also known as as a fractured tooth, a tooth crack frequently develops in between the teeth of the patient. Although this is not a fatal condition, it must be treatable by a dentist.


4. Swelling – If the swelling is not treatable within one-then-two days, it can cause serious problems.


5. Anesthesia – Dentists use anesthetic to numb the gums before giving you a dental surgery/procedure. Although, if you are really suffering from an anesthetic-itivity, you may feel a bit of discomfort afterwards.


6. Trauma -Trauma to the teeth may cause a tooth ache. This pain is primarily caused by deep cavities, eating hard food items, infections and in some cases, by injuries to the face.


7. Tooth abscess -This happens when a decayed tooth contains pus. An abscess can often be treated by filling but if it will cause complications, you must have an antibiotic prior to any dental procedure.


8. Tooth disease -Also caused by cavities and gum disease, this painful condition dispels pain and discomfort. If you notice a early stage of this disease, you should visit a dentist. certifies that this type of tooth disease can be easily detected using an X-ray machine or through a CT scan.


9. Nitrous oxide -This gas mask has the effect of drying your mouth making it feel almost inhospitable to bacterial formation. It prevents formation of plaque and also reduces the formation of bacteria that causes infection.


10. herbs -Some herbs have chemical substances that can relieve pain and inflammation. They are natural pain relievers.


11. Heat -As temperatures approach the painful level during the night, the amount of pain felt decreases.


12. Ice -It is one of the most commonly used, cheap and widely available natural remedies for tooth ache. You can apply it to the area to reduce the pain.

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